ZenHenna is the fusion of Zentangle®, an easy way to draw beautiful images using structured patterns, henna-inspired art, and essential oils for a happier, healthier, less-stress kind of life. Within this site you will find snippets of my journey from humble self-taught artist to Certified Zentangle Teacher and artist. Examples of artwork, inspirational pieces and a bit of insight into my day job in digital marketing are sprinkled throughout. I welcome any feedback, critiques, opportunities and insights. Want to learn more about Zentangle, try a new henna temporary tattoo, or check out some cool products with my artwork on it? Contact me!

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Beads of Courage

Beads of Courage

This week’s challenge from Laura Harms (I am the Diva) is inspired by her family’s participation in Beads of Courage, a program that supports kids with chronic or life threatening illnesses and their families. Kids get beads to support their courage for each needle stick, hospital stays, doctor appointments, surgeries and more. Normally I check […]

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All Boxed Up

A phoned-in, boxed-up challenge

I’m not gonna lie, I kinda phoned in this week’s I Am the Diva challenge (All Boxed Up, using the tangle by the same name). I’m hard at work on a piece my father “commissioned” for my parents’ 60th anniversary. I’ve started that piece about 10 times now and have trashed it each time. I […]

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Renaissance Tile

Calming Power of Zentangle

If you’re interested in Zentangle (or maybe just interested in learning to chill a bit), here’s a great article on the calming benefits of Zentangle. In her article, “Calm Down and Get Your Zentangle On,” Cathy Malchiodi explains succinctly what Zentangle is (vs. misnomers like “doodling”): Zentangling or tangling is actually a formalized process that […]

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ZenHenna business card

Biz Cards!

I realize this isn’t exciting to anyone but me…but I just (finally) ordered my business cards! Let me know what you think (they’re inexpensive, so I can take constructive feedback and revise).   I encourage and appreciate sharing!:

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Hex Madness in Boston

Greetings from Boston where I arrived for a business trip a few hours ago. My flight was delayed getting out of Philly because apparently all air traffic is delayed when the big man is in town. I guess that’s fair, although a few people on the flight were sweating their connections. I hope they made […]

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Collision of tangles

I’m sliding later and later in the week with my challenge tiles. I really like doing it earlier in the week and then watching as others’ entries come in, but I never ever peek before I do mine as the power of suggestion from the awesome work other CZTs and tanglers do is too strong. […]

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Tiny Gifts

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day! In my family, it was a double celebration this weekend as we also celebrated my dad’s 81st birthday. Along with their gifts (a book called “How to Fly A Horse: The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery” for my dad, a Kindle cover that totally looks like it is covered in […]

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