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ZenHenna business card

Biz Cards!

I realize this isn’t exciting to anyone but me…but I just (finally) ordered my business cards! Let me know what you think (they’re inexpensive, so I can take constructive feedback and revise).   I encourage and appreciate sharing!:

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Hex Madness in Boston

Greetings from Boston where I arrived for a business trip a few hours ago. My flight was delayed getting out of Philly because apparently all air traffic is delayed when the big man is in town. I guess that’s fair, although a few people on the flight were sweating their connections. I hope they made […]

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Tiny Gifts

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day! In my family, it was a double celebration this weekend as we also celebrated my dad’s 81st birthday. Along with their gifts (a book called “How to Fly A Horse: The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery” for my dad, a Kindle cover¬†that totally looks like it is covered in […]

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Illuminated Letters!

Ever since I drew this:    I’ve been jazzed about illuminated letters. More like obsessed.  Today this book arrived:   As you can clearly see, Ketzelah (Yiddish for little kitten, a.k.a Princess, Pretty Girl, Diva Cat) is as excited as I am to dig in! Definitely expect to see more of this creeping up in my […]

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Hamsa Hand


This Zentangle-henna fusion hamsa hand stalled after the first paisley (the big one, on the palm), but took on new life today. I may yet shade it, although I am fairly pleased with where it is now. The hamsa has a rich history, actually. I’m not gonna lie–I drew this first, then looked into the […]

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Valentine's Day Mandala

Hidden Gems

I realized today that I’ve posted some work as projects (not tagged) that may never see light of day unless I blog them! First, my Valentine’s Day Mandala here – it was done on Valentine’s Day but wasn’t intended to be a nod to the day. And then lo and behold…hearts. Second, this Impossible Triangle […]

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