A collection of ZenHenna projects, both personal and professional.


  • Dudley: A wedding gift

    A commissioned drawing for a wedding gift. I hope the bride and groom are pleased with how I represented their baby. I was given a few pix to work with (see gallery), and although I did like the personality in the sunglasses, I wanted to show his eyes. So, I combined the picture of him […]

  • 60th Anniversary

    My father wrote this acrostic poem for my mother and asked me to make it into something artistic. I hope this did his love poem justice .  

  • Umbles and Ruflz

    Projects using the tangle "Umble."

  • Hamsa Hand


    Zentangle-Henna fusion hamsa

  • Original Tangle: Rio

    Original tangles I’ve designed.

  • Duotangle

    Purely Zentangle

    A collection of Zentangle tiles using mostly official materials and tangles.

  • impossible triangle

    Impossible Triangle

    I spent a couple of weeks fascinated with some tricky optical illusions. This impossible triangle set on a Cadent background was a simple expression of that little jaunt of interest.

  • French Bulldog

    Frenchie Love

    French Bulldogs were bred for one purpose: Love. Inspired by my Frenchie, Spike, here is a Zentangle-inspired homage to all of these special little bullies.

  • entangle-inspired broken heart

    Broken Heart

    When we lose someone–a beloved partner, child, grandparent, parent, even a pet–our hearts feel like they’re tearing in two. This is the expression of that moment drawn to focus on helping¬†an old friend upon the sudden loss of her daughter.

  • zentangle

    Table Numbers

    Custom-made Zentangle-inspired table numbers for a decorative touch to a Bar Mitzvah or Wedding table.