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Onesie with 3 midcentury cats

New Horizons

Once again I realize I haven’t posted…this time it’s been so long I hardly remember how to use WordPress. Ugh. But I’m still doing art. I’ve branched out from Zentangle to painting, digital design, and some other things. I’ll feature some new things here, but more importantly, I decided to try to get my art […]

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renaissance with molygon and noom

Zentangle + Essential Oils = Bliss

I’ve been crazy busy with a laundry list of crapola I have to do (including laundry, of course, but also work, house stuff, job stuff, kid stuff, and more) that I haven’t really made time for ME stuff. I know. Make it a priority. Schedule it. I suck at that, you guys.   BUT, recently […]

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Thing 2 learns Zentangle

Coming up for air

I’ve been a bad blogger. And a bad tangler. And actually? I’ve been pretty much bad at everything I’m supposed to be good at–marketing, parenting, self-caring…you name it. Why? Because I’m trying to do it all. At once. Multitasking? It’s a myth. You absolutely canNOT do more than one thing at one time and do […]

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The Energy of a Group

The Energy of a Group Last night I taught my second of twelve classes at the Lansdale Public Library courtesy of a grant from the local hospital’s commitment to mental wellness. I loved the first class I did, and I double-loved last night’s class. There are just no words to describe how some groups have […]

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What a week (almost a month ago)!

You know that expression, “When you want something done, give it to a busy person”? (And does that question mark belong inside the quotes? I know that’s the rule but it doesn’t seem right since the quote isn’t a question…but nevermind the punctuation ponderings.) Yes. That. Me. Busy. But not in the “we live in […]

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Hayden is still fighting and her parents are still very much needing prayers and love sent her way. The outpouring of love via #ArtForHayden on Instagram and Twitter and Zentangle Prayers for Hayden on Facebook has been humbling, to say the least. Dozens of people have posted artwork of all media (not just Zentangle) and […]

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All for Hayden

Friends and readers, along with this week’s challenge entry, I am dedicating this post to Hayden Weiss. Hayden is 3 years old and is fighting for her life after being diagnosed with Reticular Blastoma. I know, #FuckCancer (and this is usually a G-rated blog, but cancer going after a child seems to warrant a bit […]

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