Tiny Gifts

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day! In my family, it was a double celebration this weekend as we also celebrated my dad’s 81st birthday. Along with their gifts (a book called “How to Fly A Horse: The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery” for my dad, a Kindle cover that totally looks like it is covered in a Zentangle-inspired design for my mom), I made them these. The little frames and stands came from Michael’s and were super inexpensive, so I just trimmed down the tiles and glued them to the back of the frame once I was finished with them. Because they were so small, I kept them simple and focused on the words:


Yes, I called him Daddy. No, I’m not 10 years old. I’m cool with it.


Always good to go with color for Mom!

Unrelated, sort of, is that I just posted a new Whole30 update on my other blog. Day 22 with only 9 to go! Plus a great non-scale victory (though I did peek a look at the scale and I’m delighted with my progress). Not for nothing, I feel more energetic and definitely healthier in just 3 weeks, which is pretty amazing. So if you have any interest in that click on over and give it a quick read.











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