Wheels turning drawing

Snow is inconvenient…

Snow Day…but it’s definitely beautiful. On the first day. Before it becomes slush. With road dirt and dog pee all over it. (Sorry to ruin the reverie with reality.)

If only I could just take the day off, draw, read, relax a little. But alas, I am not a full time artiste. My day job? I run a demand generation (a.k.a. lead gen, marketing) team for a small corner of a super huge technology company. I’ve been a marketer for a long time now, and have focused on digital marketing for the majority of that time (there was actually a time in my career when I did old school direct marketing via snail mail, for real). So that’s just a little diversion into who I am most of the day, most of the week, most of the time.


Wheels turning drawingHoping to do some drawing later today. In the meantime, here’s a recent piece I kinda like. It started as a simple mandala, and evolved into something that looks like gears or maybe spinning wheels to me, with a ribbon possibly gumming up the works. I’m happy with the shading on this one, too. That’s something I’m focusing pretty intensively on leading up to CZT #18 in April.

Appreciate comments, critiques, and even a little “hello” if you’re so inclined.

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