Hamsa Hand


Hamsa HandThis Zentangle-henna fusion hamsa hand stalled after the first paisley (the big one, on the palm), but took on new life today. I may yet shade it, although I am fairly pleased with where it is now.

The hamsa has a rich history, actually. I’m not gonna lie–I drew this first, then looked into the history. Now that I have…I should probably take another crack at it. I’ve seen it quite a bit, especially on jewelry worn by Jewish women (of which I am one, yet I do not own a piece of jewlery with a hamsa). According to My Jewish Learning:

The hamsa has been variously interpreted by scholars as Jewish, Christian or Islamic amulet, and as a pagan fertility symbol. Yet even as the magical form remains shrouded in mystery and scholars debate nearly every aspect of its emergence, it is recognized today as a Kabbalistic amulet and as an important symbol in Jewish art.

No matter how you see this symbol, no matter your religion, perspective, or belief, the hamsa is typically seen as a sign of protection. The Hamsa Prayer seems universal to me.

hamsa prayer









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