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Hamsa Hand


This Zentangle-henna fusion hamsa hand stalled after the first paisley (the big one, on the palm), but took on new life today. I may yet shade it, although I am fairly pleased with where it is now. The hamsa has a rich history, actually. I’m not gonna lie–I drew this first, then looked into the […]

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Henna Hand Jennifer Day 1 stain

Henna Education

Learning new things is a little bit of an exercise in self-confidence for me. Even if I think I might have the hang of the thing, until someone who clearly knows the thing in question validates my ability, I don’t believe in it. Definitely not my best character trait, but I’m working on it. So, […]

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palm henna

Henna Practice

Last weekend, my four best girlfriends from way back in high school (even back to Kindergarten, in one case), and I spent a girls’ weekend in the Poconos, just hanging out and being girls. They were kind enough to let me practice henna on them…so we all left painted in henna in various places. It […]

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henna-inspired drawing

The Journey Begins

Finally. Inspired. For years on end I’ve been looking for a passion, a hobby or an interest that I could turn into something bigger than myself. Something I could share with the world. Something that might translate into a way of life, a way to supplement (replace?) my income someday. I love photography. I’m pretty […]

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