henna-inspired drawing

The Journey Begins



For years on end I’ve been looking for a passion, a hobby or an interest that I could turn into something bigger than myself. Something I could share with the world. Something that might translate into a way of life, a way to supplement (replace?) my income someday.

I love photography. I’m pretty good at it. But…that wasn’t it.

I love to write. I’m pretty good at it. But…that wasn’t it either.henna-inspired drawing

I love to make beaded jewelry. I’m really good at it. And maybe there’s still something there for me. But…that wasn’t it…yet.

Then I discovered Zentangle. Truth be told, I’ve been doodling for a lifetime (margins of notebooks from elementary school straight through to corporate meetings), so it made perfect sense to me that there was a way to structure this into a true art form that could produce art that’s beautiful, useful, maybe even income-generating.

In the process of developing my personal style,  I also discovered the ancient and beautiful art of henna. Also known as mehndi. More on this in another post.

So, combined, I’ve developed a style I think of as Zentangle-Henna fusion. Hence ZenHenna.

The journey begins now, and here I will chronicle the experience of growing my passion, my art, and hopefully my business. Thanks for joining me.



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