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I’ve been a bad blogger. And a bad tangler. And actually? I’ve been pretty much bad at everything I’m supposed to be good at–marketing, parenting, self-caring…you name it. Why? Because I’m trying to do it all. At once. Multitasking? It’s a myth. You absolutely canNOT do more than one thing at one time and do any of them well. So, I’m trying very hard to compartmentalize. Parent when I’m parenting. Work when I’m working. Relax when I’m relaxing. I think I’m making progress.

So, I’ve tried to devote at least part of each day to tangling. I’m participating in a swap (Tangle Your Initials) and I taught a class at the Lansdale Library (first Wednesday of every month) last week.

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My 14-year-old son asked me to teach him and THAT was delightful.

And I’m determined to participate in challenges as soon as I have a week of downtime from work travel (next week! yay!).

In other news, my 18-year-old son has been accepted so far to three of the six colleges to which he applied, and one of his top choices offered him a scholarship. This is not a brag…this is an expression of relief. He struggled significantly through high school, despite his innate intelligence, and to see him heading toward a much brighter future is, as a parent, a turning point that I desperately needed. Waiting on the other three, then accepted students day visits, then a decision by spring. The BEST part was that I was able to catch the expression on my dad’s face when my son called him to deliver this good news.

My 14-year-old sustained a concussion AT football (though it wasn’t a football injury), and it’s been a rough month while he recovered, but I have to say–he had the BEST attitude about it. He’s on the mend and yes, I will still let him play football next year. Football makes him active, it gives him leadership experience, it connects him with friends and team collaboration…and they are SO great about teaching safe ways to hit. And as I said, the injury wasn’t technically a football injury (I won’t say more or he might be super unhappy with me!

More to come soon. Promise.

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