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Philadelphia Flower Show 2015

Yesterday was my mother’s XXth birthday (never publish a woman’s age. never.) and to celebrate the occasion, I took my parents to the world’s oldest and largest indoor flower show, the Philadelphia Flower Show. The theme was “Lights, Camera, BLOOM” and each display was a horticultural homage to a movie.

After a late start and a traffic nightmare (note: center city Philly during the last weekend of the flower show is a nightmare, and the area is NOT well set up for dropping off people who have mobility issues), the show did not disappoint. I was not able to bring my camera–my mother really prefers more of the focus (pun intended) on her on her special day, and who can blame her? But I did manage to snap a few pix with my phone that didn’t turn out half bad. I was thinking that some of these could inspire drawings in the future, which was really why I took them. The broader shots just didn’t do justice to the artistry of the displays, so for the most part I trashed those.

I posted the album on Facebook and was delighted to find that a few friends really appreciated the window into the show as they couldn’t go this year, so I thought I might post a few of the better ones here to share the love even farther.


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