Window Zentangle

Come to My Window

This project is a collaboration of two very different kinds of artists: One (me), a growing pen and ink enthusiast who found a passion with Zentangle and henna; the other an imaginative artisan whose passion is in unique mounts for art made from reclaimed materials. Combined, the finished artwork is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Window ZentangleIt started with a simple set of 9 pre-strung tiles and hours of painstaking tangling (and by painstaking I mean long hours, but most definitely not painful). Then, the story was extended to this beautiful rustic window mount where each tile stands alone, but the gestalt of the whole is undeniably integrated. Note how each tile’s sections align with its neighbors, but stands alone as a piece in and of itself. Reminding us that art is truly zen, the great artisan I worked with at Mount truly understood the story the artwork intended to tell. True to his mission, he “unchained” my art and helped it extend beyond its boundaries to tell a more complete story–one that is unique to each person who views it.

Want to unchain YOUR art? Check out Mount and tell them I sent you. Don’t fall for the frame!




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