• Window Zentangle

    Come to My Window

    A compilation of Zentangle tiles, prestrung and inviting connection and fluidity. A million thank you messages (thank yous?) to our friends at Mount for this amazing treatment of the piece for display. Check them out and see how you can unchain your art from the traditional frame and bring its full story to life.

  • palm henna

    Henna Practice

    A weekend away with just the girls allowed for some fun henna practice with forgiving palettes.

  • Valentine's Day Mandala

    Valentine’s Day Mandala

    This piece started as a simple mandala infused with some familiar tangles, including Belled, Riki Tiki and a hint of Betweed, and evolved into a hearty (no pun intended) Valentine's Day salute.

  • Illuminated Letter C

    Illuminated Letters

    This Illuminated Letter C features Blox and Flovine along with some ivy and gilded embellishment to illuminate.

  • ZenHenna Logo

    Designed first on paper and evolving to the hybrid drawn image (enhanced with Adobe Illustrator) seen here.

  • Basket of Flowers

    Basket of Flowers

    This standard size Zentangle tile features Basketweave, Chard, and Daggerly along with a lily and sunflower.