ZenHenna is the fusion of Zentangle®, an easy way to draw beautiful images using structured patterns, henna-inspired art, and essential oils for a happier, healthier, less-stress kind of life. Within this site you will find snippets of my journey from humble self-taught artist to Certified Zentangle Teacher and artist. Examples of artwork, inspirational pieces and a bit of insight into my day job in digital marketing are sprinkled throughout. I welcome any feedback, critiques, opportunities and insights. Want to learn more about Zentangle, try a new henna temporary tattoo, or learn more about how you can use essential oils to find your Zen? Contact me!

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All Boxed Up

A phoned-in, boxed-up challenge

I’m not gonna lie, I kinda phoned in this week’s I Am the Diva challenge (All Boxed Up, using the tangle by the same name). I’m hard at work on a piece my father “commissioned” for my parents’ 60th anniversary. I’ve started that piece about 10 times now and have trashed it each time. I […]

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Renaissance Tile

Calming Power of Zentangle

If you’re interested in Zentangle (or maybe just interested in learning to chill a bit), here’s a great article on the calming benefits of Zentangle. In her article, “Calm Down and Get Your Zentangle On,” Cathy Malchiodi explains succinctly what Zentangle is (vs. misnomers like “doodling”): Zentangling or tangling is actually a formalized process that […]

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ZenHenna business card

Biz Cards!

I realize this isn’t exciting to anyone but me…but I just (finally) ordered my business cards! Let me know what you think (they’re inexpensive, so I can take constructive feedback and revise).   I encourage and appreciate sharing!:

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Hex Madness in Boston

Greetings from Boston where I arrived for a business trip a few hours ago. My flight was delayed getting out of Philly because apparently all air traffic is delayed when the big man is in town. I guess that’s fair, although a few people on the flight were sweating their connections. I hope they made […]

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Collision of tangles

I’m sliding later and later in the week with my challenge tiles. I really like doing it earlier in the week and then watching as others’ entries come in, but I never ever peek before I do mine as the power of suggestion from the awesome work other CZTs and tanglers do is too strong. […]

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Tiny Gifts

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day! In my family, it was a double celebration this weekend as we also celebrated my dad’s 81st birthday. Along with their gifts (a book called “How to Fly A Horse: The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery” for my dad, a Kindle cover that totally looks like it is covered in […]

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Illuminated Letters!

Ever since I drew this:    I’ve been jazzed about illuminated letters. More like obsessed.  Today this book arrived:   As you can clearly see, Ketzelah (Yiddish for little kitten, a.k.a Princess, Pretty Girl, Diva Cat) is as excited as I am to dig in! Definitely expect to see more of this creeping up in my […]

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